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Oasis - Ch. 144/??

Title: Oasis - Ch.144/??
Author: [info]shirleyann66
Character: Major Edward Beck
Prompt:   Table 1; #49 - Temper
Fandom:  Jericho
Rating:   PG-13
Warnings : Spoilers for pretty much everything that's ever happened in the series may lie within. 
Word count: 898
Disclaimer/Claimer: I do not own nor am I affiliated with Jericho or CBS or any of the other PTB in relation to the show (although if anybody has a Major Beck just kickin' around with nothing to do...send him my way!). No infringement is intended. I'm just taking the characters out to play, and will do my best to show them a very, VERY good time. ;)

A/N1: Words in red are Beck's thoughts as he's writing; not what was actually sent.

Oasis Interlude for this letter is available here.



October 17, 2008

Del -

I'm sorry I didn't have time to tell you much on the phone. You know how limited our use of the communications network is – and I hope I can be forgiven for misusing my authority in this one instance to let you know I wouldn't be making it to Patterson yesterday.

Well, I finally have time to tell you the whole story.

I don't think you've met Stanley and Mimi Richmond, although I've told you about them before. They have the largest farm around Jericho, and are one of the most respected families in the area. You, Bobby and Lucy really have to come to Jericho this summer! Meet all of the people I tell you about.

I was actually going to the humvee, ready to leave, when I saw a very pregnant Mimi drop her groceries on the way to her truck. That woman certainly has a very...creative vocabulary!

I picked up her groceries and realized she looked done in, and pale. When she said her back had been spasming periodically all day, I wondered if she might be in labor. Georgette had had the same thing when Abbey was born. At the very least, she needed some rest, so I took her to Bailey's. A corporal was there, and after a few minutes I sent him out to the Richmond farm to get Stanley. Even if I was mistaken or it was a false alarm, Mimi looked too exhausted to drive home, and it would probably be a good idea to have Kenchy examine her just to be on the safe side.

By the time Stanley and Heather (who'd been working on Stanley's tractor) arrived, there was no longer any doubt: Mimi was in labor. The resulting chaos of getting Stanley and Mimi to the med-center in one piece took all our combined skills – but we managed. And thankfully her water didn't break until she was actually in an examination room.

Which is all a long-winded way of explaining why I didn't get to Patterson today after all.

October 18, 2008

I met the new Richmond yesterday evening. The hospital room was full, with Jake and Emily, Eric and Mary, Heather and Gail already there when I arrived. I poked my head in, and I would have left almost immediately since there were so many people there, except Mimi insisted I come in and hold the baby. I'd forgotten how tiny and fragile newborn babies are, how helpless and beautiful.

He's a strapping boy with his father's looks - but definitely his mother's temper – especially when he's hungry. His name is Benjamin – or Benny as Stanley calls him. Stanley kept insisting Jake and Eric each needed to name their babies “Jet” - and then he'd sing the chorus to “Benny and the Jets” - much to Mimi's amused exasperation (Benny simply yawned and fell asleep in my arms). Jake and Eric, however, played along, even to singing with Stanley – which...seriously, needs to be seen (and heard!) to be believed.

My visit was only supposed to be a few minutes, a quick check on mother and son before leaving them with their extended family, but not long after the third rousing chorus of “Benny and the Jets”, I put the baby in his crib and Mimi began to fall asleep. We let Stanley say good-night then we took him to Bailey's. I still don't really know how I ended up in the group, but before I knew it, I was toasting the health and happiness of mother and son along with everyone else.

At some point in the evening, the women disappeared – to the Green house, I learned later – and by the time we walked a drunken Stanley back to the Greens', we were all singing “Benny and the Jets” (well, the chorus, anyway), and every one of us had made a solemn vow to name our next child “Jet”. Including a young kid we met in Bailey's and somehow ended up as a member of our motley crew – Sean somebody – who'd apparently briefly dated Stanley's sister Bonnie. Only nineteen – too young Before to be in the bar, but now – not so much. I guess he'd left Jericho not long after I arrived. Now he was back, and Stanley, while not unhappy to see him, didn't exactly greet him with open arms, either.

It was the only awkward note of the evening - which only lasted until Sean offered to buy a round.

Maybe these boys need to have babies more often...

Of course, this morning we're all paying the price with blurred eyes and pounding heads, not to mention some wide-eyed, incredulous looks from my troops (apparently, our rendition of “La Bamba” is the stuff legends are made of)(...I don't even know...)

Anyway. It was...fun, and I can't remember the last time I had fun like that.


I have to close this letter now and get it to the afternoon messenger. I'm heading out in half an hour – a man arrived a few minutes ago with news that a citizen of Jericho Territory was killed in a town on the Territory's western outskirts. Eric and I are taking a small force to investigate.

Please tell Lucy and Bobby I'll be in Patterson as soon as I can.




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Jan. 22nd, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, that sounds like a fun time...
Jan. 27th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Oh, that sounds like a fun time...

I know...I'd so totally be there with the boys. :D

I wish I could do the scene justice in an Interlude, but so far, no luck. :(
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