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Oasis - Ch. 141/??

Title: Oasis - Ch.141/??
Author: [info]shirleyann66
Character: Major Edward Beck
Prompt:   Table 3, #94 - Celebration
Fandom:  Jericho
Rating:  PG-13
Warnings : Spoilers for pretty much everything that's ever happened in the series may lie within. 
Word count: 
Disclaimer/Claimer: I do not own nor am I affiliated with Jericho or CBS or any of the other PTB in relation to the show (although if anybody has a Major Beck just kickin' around with nothing to do...send him my way!). No infringement is intended. I'm just taking the characters out to play, and will do my best to show them a very, VERY good time. ;)

A/N1: Words in red are Beck's thoughts as he's writing; not what was actually sent.

ETA:  Link to Oasis Interlude:  Truths - the scene this letter is about.


October 13, 2008

Jeff -

Nick and I are going to Bailey's tonight for those drinks he promised me and to make me, as he put it, get out and spend time in Jericho as a civilian. I hate to admit it but he has a good point. I spend time at Del's Place and I frequent the local bar in Rogue River regularly enough – but for some reason, I avoid spending time in Bailey's in the evenings. I told him it must be a hold over from my time of being the commanding officer of an occupying army in this town.

Which seems so long ago – and yet sometimes feels like it was only yesterday.

It's rather disconcerting that Nick already knows more about what's going on in this town – including my own habits – than I do, and he's only been here – what? Two months? Then again, that's Nick for you.

October 14, 2008

God damn it.

God damn it.

Emily's pregnant. It's Jake's. They announced it in Bailey's last night along with a wedding date: December 31st. Of course.

Heather looked both happy and wistful as she hugged Jake and then Emily. Nick just laughed as he clapped me on the shoulder and said he'd told me I needed to get out more.

The celebration really got going when Mary pulled out two bottles of whiskey – real whiskey and not just the moonshine we've been drinking for the last year or so. We toasted the happy couple several times, and I eventually made my way to Heather's side. She looked wary but not necessarily unhappy to see me.

After some rather stilted small talk I leaned closer to her and asked if she was okay with the news.

She gave me a puzzled frown and said she'd known about Jake and Emily for months; in fact, she'd still been in the hospital when Jake told her about Emily.

Jeff, I swear - I saw red. I must have looked murderous as I felt, because Heather's eyes widened and while she didn't actually take a step away from me, she certainly looked very nervous. I tried to smooth the moment over although I'm not sure I was entirely successful. I excused myself from her shortly afterward and went over to Jake and Emily. I offered my congratulations, then asked Jake to leave Bailey's with me for a moment

I grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him against the nearest wall as soon as we were safely out of sight of the bar. The look of total shock and confusion on his face would have been funny if I hadn't been so angry.

I accused him of cheating on Heather while she was being held captive by Constantino and then had the gall to break up with her while she was in the hospital. Once he understood what the hell I was talking about – and that took some doing - he told me they'd split up before she was kidnapped. Which completely threw me off right in the middle of a particularly graphic threat (the one we used on that asshole Dulcie dated for a little while – I always thought that one was particularly inspired). After a couple of minutes...I believed him.

I feel like an idiot.


I apologized rather sheepishly and to his credit, he took it well. He grinned his crooked grin and said he understood. He'd just assumed I'd heard he was dating Emily at some point since my return from long patrol. I told him no. There was no reason for anybody to tell me anything about Jake's private life, and Gail and I had deliberately avoided the topic of Jake whenever we spoke. I hadn't seen Emily at all - Jake said she'd been hit hard with morning sickness – or in her case, all-day-sickness – and that had only recently subsided. They'd also kept the news of her pregnancy from Gail and the rest of his family until a couple of days ago.

I apologized again and he laughed it off, saying he probably would have reacted the same way if the situation was reversed and then gave me a rather too-knowing grin. I didn't really have any room to deny anything when he said he was glad to see I'd finally taken my head out of my ass. I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I can't seem to keep my feelings secret! National security secrets, military secrets – no problems. I may be in love? Everybody can figure it out! Maybe it's a good thing I need to go to Patterson in a few days.

Of course, I had to put up with his teasing comments on the way back to Bailey's, but to his credit, he came up with a cover story when Emily and Heather asked where we'd gone and what we'd talked about.

I owe him one.

The bastard.

As for Nick – he's obviously right.

I definitely need to get out more when I'm in Jericho.




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Jan. 17th, 2011 02:42 pm (UTC)
Jake telling Beck to get his head out of his ass? that's a switch. Awesome, though.
Jan. 19th, 2011 07:50 pm (UTC)
Hee! I know - quite the role reversal...makes me giggle, though. :D
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