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Oasis - Ch. 4/??

Title:   Oasis - Ch. 4/??
Author:  </a></font></b></a>shirleyann66
Character:   Major Edward Beck
Prompt:   Table 4, #21 - Sheriff
Fandom:   Jericho
Rating:   PG-13
Warnings :   Well, considering the show has been off the air for over a year, pretty much the entire series may be spoiled in these chapters. Sorry!
Word count:   668
Disclaimer/Claimer:   I do not own nor am I affiliated with Jericho or CBS or any of the other PTB in relation to the show. No infringement is intended. I'm just taking the characters out to play, and will do my best to show them a very, VERY good time. ;)

A/N:  Words in red are Beck's thoughts as he's writing; not what was actually sent.  ;)



March 28, 2007

Jeff -

It's been a busy four weeks.

Four weeks of investigation and clean up and trying to prevent the revenge killings that have happened too often all over this country during the last six months. I've had to use...blunt means – brutal means - to get the message across that I'm in control. They need to learn the consequences of resistance – and hopefully avoid them.

As usual, it takes time for the message to sink in – although after tonight, I think the point has finally been made.

In hopes of making my job a little easier, I've hired an intelligent young woman named Heather Lisinski to be my liaison. Colonel Hoffman spoke very highly of her, even as she drove him crazy while she was in Cheyenne.

She's a person with ties to both towns – Jericho and New Bern – and yet she somehow doesn't seem to belong to either of them. She knows the character – and the characters – of each community. She seems level-headed. Honest. Straight-forward. Practical. Pragmatic. (Sweet.) With a...reserve? caution? wariness? (pain? sadness?) that I think is new. There's...something...hidden, something beneath the surface of her eyes and her voice when I watched her and when I spoke with her - something underlying the way she acted when she greeted The Guy.

We've talked about The Guy before – in this case, Jake Green - The Guy everyone looks to for leadership and ideas and salvation. Which is why I made him sheriff. Based on the intelligence I've gathered over the last four weeks, he's more than just the leader; I think he's basically a good man - the regular prodigal son, returned home to lead the people into battle, to protect them and to save the day.

This Heather is friends with Jake - perhaps more than friends, if the way they greeted each other is anything to go by. Jake is in what appears to be a committed relationship with another woman, but there was something in how he looked at Heather when he greeted her – something in her eyes when she looked at him. Perhaps it's nothing more than a missed opportunity, or unrealized potential, but there's a connection (love?) there. Whatever it is, that connection was a deciding factor in my decision to ask her to be my liaison.

It never hurts to have as much influence as possible with The Guy of the town you're trying to subdue. While using that logic, Emily – Jake's girlfriend – would have been the better choice, Emily doesn't have the same connection with New Bern as Heather. When I saw the way Heather and Jake greeted each other, I realized that here was a person who met all my needs. In addition, Colonel Hoffman acknowledged her intelligence, and recommended her specifically for the role - even as he cursed her persistence. The fact that I think she has a lot of influence with Jake; perhaps more than she – or he – realizes, is just an added bonus.

Whatever weapon available. Whatever means necessary.

I hope I never need to use this particular weapon – I like her (and she has the most beautiful, clear blue eyes I’ve ever seen). You'd like her, too, I think. If you were here, I could see the two of you hitting it off. If anyone could give The Guy a good run for his money to win the girl, it'd be you. You're a charming bastard when you try, after all.

Both Jake and Heather will have their work cut out for her immediately. Besides the lingering resentment with New Bern, the President has decided to make a Jericho one of his destinations on his whistle-stop tour through Kansas.

It's been a busy four weeks. Hell, it's been a busy 24 hours. It's late now, and I'm exhausted – but the town is still here, and I didn't have to execute anybody today – although it was close. But there's no rest in sight. The President will be here tomorrow, and we need to be ready for him.





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Jul. 3rd, 2009 05:09 am (UTC)
Nice. ^^
Jul. 8th, 2009 01:53 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
Jul. 6th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Nice writing. I really like Beck's observations about Jake in this letter.
Jul. 8th, 2009 01:57 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I think there really is a mutual respect, liking and admiration between the two characters - in spite of what happened at the end of the season.

I don't know about you, but I'm really looking forward to the comic in October (although I'm scared of it, too (don't hurt my Beck!! LOL)) because I sooo want to see what happens next...
Dec. 9th, 2009 03:35 am (UTC)
Beautiful introduction to Heather for Jeff. Maybe funny and sweet while still trying to be the hardass his brother knows him as.

I didn't have to execute anybody today – although it was close

Heh. That line cracked me up :)
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